4 Eylül 2007 Salı

Nightwish - Lappi (Lapland)

Nightwish - Lappi (Lapland)

Albüm Adı : Angels fall first

1. Er�aaj�vi
Kautta er�aaj�ven
matkaa kulkuri yksin�nen
N�ee lammella joutsenparven
vapauttaan itkev�
Kaipuu menneisyyteen
kiirii ilmassa huutoina kotkien
k� matka vuorten taa
Via a wilderness lake
Travels a lonely wanderer
In a pond he sees a flock of swans
Crying for their freedom
The longing for the past
Echoes through the air as screams of eagles
From the ever-lake so safe
The journey continues beyond the mountains
2. Witchdrums
3. This Moment Is Eternity
Day possesses no law here
Where moon sheds the cold twilight
This moment is eternity
Land of beauty
Cold and cruel
Field chants echoing
Reflecting the melancholy
Trust the wind
Trust the fire
Call for the hermit
The hermit of the night
Land of raven
Land of bear
Land of eagle
And wolverine
Dismal are the mirrors of a wolf

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